Thursday, March 19, 2009


Being home.
It is suppose to feel warm and comfortable.

But I can't seem to fall in to place.

I think I am paranoid. I keep thinking maybe all my supposed friends are avoiding me... making up excuses so they don't have to see me. It's just strange... in high school I was friends with everyone, but I realize now the difference between friends and dependents. I struggle to find someone here that I really trust... that I would honestly count as a true friend. It hurts me a little but also makes me feel better about where I am now. The new home I have found seems that much more strong. I find it is filled with several people who I can count on through the thick and thin. True friends who want to share all of my moments with me and don't hide under rocks when I come running.

Sometimes the things you thought you loved fade out and reveal something truer underneath.

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