Friday, March 20, 2009


Talking dirt.

Talking trash.

I don't like to do it myself, but I feel sometimes I can't help it. Sometimes I have to hold back from gossiping about myself, revealing information that I have been trying to keep under wraps. I find it easy to hear gossip from other people, that way I don't feel guilty for spreading it, I'm just the receiver.

I have those certain friends that would gossip all day if they could. Tell me every little detail of everyone I ever knew, and some people I didn't know. What drives people to gossip? Whether the information is true or untrue. What do people gain from talking about others? Adrenaline. A sense of danger, of breaking the rules. People get a rush. They feel important for holding information that no one else knows. Powerful. The ability to hold someone elses reputation on the tip of their tongue.

Excitement. A thrill.
Lets speak softly and not worry about the consequences.

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