Monday, September 6, 2010

I love my brother!!

He plays the keytar - what is cooler than that?

Olden days.

I have an absolute obsession with vintage photographs. I love to find huge boxes of them in thrift stores and junk shops and just rifle through them, just thinking about what the people in them must of been like, imagine the moment before the photo was taken, all the moments following. Photographs intrigue me because they can tell so much, while still leaving room for speculation and imagination.

I found a group of these photos in a antique book I bought from a junk shop - there were 5 or 6 of them. I like this one in particular because it reminds me of all the halloweens I use to have at my pre-school and grade school. A day where everyone got to be something they weren't.

Still the same.

My dad e-mailed me this a couple of weeks ago.
It made me smile because it made me realize that I really haven't changed all that much from when I was younger.
I'm still excitable, weird and have a problem with authority.

It's good to not forget where you come from - and also to be able to smile at the little stupid things life is made up of.