Monday, June 1, 2009

The simplest of pleasures.

He means so much to me.

Those little things.
Those tiny things that he does.

The gentle tips of his fingers brushing against my skin.
The warmth he makes lying next to me.
Kissing the top of my head.
Hiding me beneath the sheets.
Squinting at me in the darkness to try to make out my face.
Missing my lips in the dark.
Gazing up at my cheap glow in the dark stars on my ceiling and feeling like we are two beings lost in the universe.
Lost in each other.
Finding ourselves in one another.

The quiet breathing in the darkness.
The comfort.
The safety.
The whispered confessions.
The almost silent adoration.
His hand rested gently on my face.

Every little movement he makes.
Filling me with a happiness I can't explain.

The way I can feel that he is there for me.
That he is there at all.
With me.

It is like nothing else.