Wednesday, April 15, 2009


I have transcended caring...
I honestly do not care anymore.

It is just too much work to try and keep up a good face with the whole world.
There are too many people who are just so fucking critical.
Too many people that smile at your face and spit with their nasty tongues as soon as you look away.
Too many people who pretend they care about you.
Too many people who think they have it bad.
Too many people who lead such trivial lives that they will never know themselves.
Too many people who migrate with the largest herd.
Too many people who assimilate to their surroundings and forget who they are.
Too many people.

The friends I had at one time, are no longer there.
They are just people.
People who have let me down.
People who have left me behind.
Too many people.

And that spot in my chest that was hurting for so long...
It is so hollow.
And all I can say about that emptiness is that...

It feels so good.

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